New Rolls Royce Phantom




Jum'at, 04 Agustus 2017 10:02:48

The all-new Rolls Royce Phantom is more or less the same car which it replaces, at least at first glance. The shape and design are unmistakably Rolls Royce and to the casual onlooker, it has the same lines and design as its predecessor. But look closer as any connoisseur and admirer of hyper-luxury cars would do, and then it becomes evident that this is an all-new piece of art.

The devil is of course in the details as the Spirit of Ecstasy is perched above a new front grille now. The latter has been integrated into the bodywork seamlessly unlike in the previous model. Headlamps flanking that imposing grille have laserlight tech which will allow superior visibility at night. So, they are more than about the good looks.


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