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My name is Joe.
I want to become an expert programmer, and I invite you to follow along with me as I learn to program with Ruby.

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Simple PHP workaround for Ruby Cron Jobs

I was recently having the hardest time figuring out how to run Ruby scripts using cron jobs on my shared host. I had sucessfully created cron jobs with PHP, so I didn’t understand why every single technique I was trying did not seem to do the trick.

I spent atleast an

How to set Timeout in Ruby!

While tinkering recently on a hobby project, I kept having ‘freezing’ issues. Sure I tried to error handle the bah-jeezus out of it in order to fail gracefully instead of forever hanging, but for some reason which I couldn’t ascertain – the thing was hanging.

I suddenly remembered about a SetTimeout

How to Download Files with Ruby

One of my most recent open-source Ruby projects is a little project I called ‘RubyRetriever’. RubyRetriever is supposed to be an auto-downloader, it goes out like a spider to every URL you provide and it scans them for executables – and if it finds any it downloads them. The reason

Fixing OpenSSL/Bundler issue for Rails on Debian

Have you seen this error:

Rails: cannot load such file -- openssl

Usually I write exclusively about Ruby on this site, and that may change in the near future, but today’s post is brought on by hours of painful troubleshooting I had to endure in order to get a functional Ruby on Rails environment setup on my Debian